Sri Devasthanam is the website of the Sanskrit Religions Institute (S.R.I.), which is a 501 (c) (3) religious organization dedicated to the study and advancement of the Hindu religion. We are a nondenominational Hindu ministry and our goal is to present information on the Hindu religion that is both scholarly and religious. The expression “deva-sthanam” means “a divine place.  The symbol sri is the letters s-r-i, pronounced “shree“, which is the Sanskrit word for beauty, grace, and splendor. Sri Devasthanam is, therefore, the divine place of beauty, grace and splendor.

Hinduism is a religion of experience that teaches how the Divine exists all parts of life. The verse placed at the bottom of our home page captures the essence of the Hindu experience of God.


yad etad vidyuto vyadyutad a3 itonnayamomisad a3 ity adhidaivatam

“Here is a teaching: The flash of lightning that causes one to blink and say, “Ah!”
– that experience, Ah, is Divinity.” (Kenopanishad 4.4)

Therefore even a seemingly common experience, seeing a flash of lightning, is an interaction with the Divine if one’s heart and mind are open. This is the essence of Hinduism.