Devasthanam is the website of the Sanskrit Religions Institute. Our goal is to present information on Hindu culture that is both scholarly and religious.


The expression deva-sthanam has two meanings. The term deva, as an adjective, means divine. As a noun it means God. The word sthanam means “a fit or proper place.” Thus deva-sthanam means both “the divine place” and “the residence of God.”


The symbol sri

indicates “beauty, grace, and splendor. It also refers to

the Goddess of wealth, Laksmidevi. Transliterated it appears as Sri. Thus the name of this web site is Sri Devasthanam.

The following verse is taken from the Kenopanisad 4.4.


tasyaisa adesah/
yad etad vidyuto vyadyutad a3 itinnyamimisad a3 ity adhidaivatam

“ Here is a teaching: the flash in the lightning that causes one to blink and say, “Ah!”
– that Ah is the Divinity.”